The materialistic, inferior gremlin

Marketers and corporations have been using the status-driven psychology for over a hundred years to get us to buy shit we don’t we really need, to impress people we don’t really like.

And for many years it worked. Really fucking well. Until…

…well, it still works really fucking well. Only now it’s much worse.

Marketers and corporations made way for average people on smartphones, with ten thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills (borrowed from the bank) and a rented stationary Gulfstream G5.

Through the depressing rose tinted glasses of Instagram – the world is rich and everyone has has everything they never knew they wanted.

And although we know it’s fake. We know it’s fucking fake, we still (sort of) fall for it. It gets in our heads. Our materialistic, inferior gremlin claws its way into our consciousness and then we’re stood in the Porsche garage lusting over Cars we can’t afford.

This has to stop!

Publilius Syrus said that rivers are easiest to cross at the source, so too, are bad spending habits a result of lacking a philosophy of life and self-awareness. Somewhere these habits began as a small babbling brook before quickly growing into aggressive amazonian rapids.

Would you rather drown in a few weeks while crossing the rapids, or cross it now while it’s still easy?

It’s up to you.