The creative process

The creative process

Creativity is bringing something that didn't exist into the world. Creativity is innovation. It's having the confidence to fail over and over again until something works.

Creativity is not reserved only for the artists and authors. It's James Dyson, Richard Feynman, Bob Dylan AND Michel Angelo.

In a 2020 poll, from Linkedin, featuring the top 5 soft skills desired by employees, creativity featured at number 1.

We don't learn to be creative at school. If anything, school sucks the natural creativity all young children experience.

So we're stealing from our kids the number one skill companies want from them. And we're doing it by teaching them to follow the dots, rather than create their own. I've said before that if you can teach someone else to do a task, you can teach a robot to it and (soon) AI will teach itself.

Creativity, by its definition, cannot be taught to a robot. But us, the humans, we are born creative.

When people tell Seth Godin that they're not creative, he says "show me 100 bad ideas and then i'll tell you that you're not creative".

Creativity is a process. A system of generating outside of the box ideas, most of which will be complete shit.

And that process can be taught.

But first, write down 100 ideas and then tell me whether you're creative or not.

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