What I’m working on now, inspired by Derek Sivers

Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Working on a startup

Since July 2019 I’ve been CMO of the fintech startup, CreditStretcher. As employee #6 I get to contribute, early on, to bringing the company to life.

Taking this job was a big shift for me after spending the last eight years working on my own companies. Right now, I’m loving it. The team is amazing and the product solves a real problem faced by many SMEs.

Writing (a lot)

I write on this blog. It’s the best way for me to process the information I’m learning about. And I hope by sharing it with the world it’ll help other people, too.

I also write with my mate Christian Thisted on how to live a good (enough) life. That one is my side hustle. My chance to create art without ever having to earn money from it, thus never corrupting it.

Updated March 4th, 2020, from Sheffield, United Kingdom.