Joseph Pack

Note to self

Seeking fulfilment from outside never works.


When you're down. When you're grasping at exciting experiences in pursuit of happiness, remember this: you're already at peace within yourself. But the grasping for joy is pushing you further from it.

Stop. Take a breath. Sit in meditation. Get back to the essential I, the awareness that pervades all experience. There is nothing to get, there is nothing to attain. The more you seek external gratification the further you get from true peace and happiness, because they reside behind you. Stop looking that way. Turn around and sink back into infinite peace.

This morning you felt sorry for yourself. Your mind was working by the sweat of its brow to fulfil you. And then you took the meditation session and within 20 minutes you located the peace and happiness that live inside you.

Never forget this.

A note to your true self. The self that pervades all experience. The knowing, that which you truly are when thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions and removed.