More action, less planning

I’ve sometimes struggled with death by inertia. In the middle of a working day it’s likely you’ll find me sitting on top of the procrastination station, dreaming about what the future might entail.

It wasn’t always this way. I started off my working life only doing – no theory. I sucked at school. So I didn’t have the confidence to study books or learn from academics. I just did what seemed right and learned, mostly, from trial and error and copying people who were already successful.

But around three years ago I started to explore the theoretical side of learning. Which introduced me to the ‘thinkers’ of our great planet. People like Adam Smith, Dan Pink, and other more academically minded folk.

But something was missing.

All of this theory meant I was missing one rather key part of work – the doing part.

With the help of Nassim Taleb, and his eponymous book Antifragile, I have gone back into the mode of doing. From thinker to tinkerer. 

And it feels good!

Amy Hoy often talks about the psychological benefits of shipping work. She calls it Just Fucking Ship. And I can attest to that. The progress I make each day is better than any imaginary future.

So, a reminder to myself (and perhaps to you) that thinking is important – it’s where, most, of the best ideas are dreamt up. But without the doing, we wouldn’t know about any of them.

So go and do. Stop thinking, start tinkering. And, again, in the prescient words of Amy Hoy – go fucking ship!

Joseph Pack

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