It’s okay to be minimalist and ambitious

I get frustrated that a lot of blogs on minimalism and mindfulness are fast to tell us to quit our jobs, follow our passions and live under a bridge, eating nothing more than the food we find in a bin.

I think it’s ok to be career-focused and also live a minimalist lifestyle.

Many “minimalists” are quitting their jobs to become writers. Perhaps that’s what they always wanted. But it’s not right for everyone.

Minimalists like me (who love their intense career) feel like we’re not completely welcome in the community amongst the people who are set on quitting their jobs to write that book they always dreamed of.

One of my favourite blog posts ever, by Derek Sivers, explains his experience with artists who desperately want to quit their job and commit to a full-time art career.

Derek always warns them against this, stating that the happiest people he knows have a high paying job and pursue art on the side. This removes the pressure away from earning a living from art. Something he feels jeopardises the quality of the art they create.

I think there are a lot of people out there who want to pursue a life on mindfulness and minimalism while retaining their hardcore careers.

Let’s find them!