Adding clarity through quoting

Montaigne wrote “I quote others only in order to better express myself”.

He also said that if he were braver he may have written solely about his own misgivings. 

But writing about yourself is painful. Least not due to the chance of public ridicule.

In contrary to Montaigne, Derek Sivers recommends we don’t quote. Instead, make it your own.

But quoting helps me to learn. It helps me to expand on the thinking of a genius in my own, much less advanced, way. I only write to think. I certainly don’t write to be right.

When you blog on the internet it’s easy to forget that your readers might take what you say literally. Which is why I include the disclaimer, all advice is autobiographical. I almost guarantee that by this time next year I’ll be writing about something else. Most likely contradicting what I wrote today.

So for now, like Montaigne, I will continue to quote. To use the words of those before me to add the type of clarity to my writing that I cannot muster myself.