Letting go of your stuff

What’s stuff?

Your emotional baggage. Your preferences — the likes and dislikes that govern your decisions.

The crap you make up in your head that gets in the way of making decisions that help others.

When your stuff gets in the way, you look to see what you can take from the world. Because you believe that if you take something – a new job, car or house – that your stuff will disappear.

It might disappear for a while, but before long your stuff will reappear and you’ll be wanting a better job, a better car and a bigger house.

There’s a saying in traditional yoga “and now, yoga”.

And now, yoga means that when you’ve tried everything you thought would make you happy, and discovered it hasn’t, the only thing left is yoga.

Of course, traditional yoga doesn’t mean the exercise we think it does. Yoga means union. Union with the source of creation. With the collective consciousness. With everything that makes us human.

Want to know what feels like?

Start by letting go of your stuff.

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