Credentials aren’t essential

I have little interest in what qualifications a coach has. 

I’m significantly more interested in their testimonials, evidence of their results and the way they communicate.

I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but credentialism can be a place to hide and it has, largely, become commoditised.

The problem is that there are people out there writing one post on social media and then trying to charge money for something that is NOT coaching. I hope that 99.9% of people will say no to the offer.

It’s worth remembering that a highly credentialed coach could still be a poor coach. Conversely, a coach with zero credentials could easily be superb.

Another thing Godin said that is painfully true: “There are many instances where a credential — like a certificate, a license, or a degree — is essential. Nobody wants a knee surgeon who learned by watching YouTube videos. But you don’t need a permit to speak up, to solve interesting problems, or to lead. You don’t need a degree to write a lyric, or take responsibility, either. You don’t need “expertise” to create useful work. Credentialing lulled us into false confidence about who was actually an expert. The fact that you have a degree doesn’t mean you have insight, experience, or concern. You’ve acquired a piece of paper, but that doesn’t mean you care.”

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