👋 Hi, I’m Joseph

I’m the CMO at CreditStretcher and a Consultant Conversion Copywriter.

✒️ This site hosts all of my writing on psychology, entrepreneurship, marketing, philosophy, neurodiversity, and more.

In 2017, I sold my small marketing agency, where I was creating work for Patagonia, Imperial College London, the NHS and more. Now I work remotely as CMO at CreditStretcher.

Here’s my Instagram and Twitter.

I’m available to do talks, workshops and consulting. I’ve spoken at General Assembly, University of Nottingham, Manchester Met Uni and many conferences.

Joseph Pack has taught 90-100 students here at General Assembly. He delivers his content exceptionally well, having incredible experience within his field he managed to inspire and display the message ‘If I can do it, then you can too!’ All while providing confidence and charisma to match.

John Furno, General Assembly